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Twitter announces new subscription model

Twitter officially confirmed the rumors of a new subscription model. Twitter Blue, the paid subscription service, is set to offer incredible new features. Users will now have the option to undo tweets, view threads in a user-friendly “Reader Mode,” and much more.

The company has launched Twitter Blue initially in Canada and Australia on 3rd June 2021, at the cost of CAD 3.49 and AUD 4.49, respectively.

The new Undo Tweets feature allows you to retract your tweets before they are uploaded to the platform. This feature also allows you to delete tweets automatically after 30 seconds, with the help of a timer.

The Bookmark Folder feature is yet an addition to the subscription model. This feature helps you organize your saved tweets, making them incredibly easy to search and find in the future.

The Reader Mode feature allows you to keep updated with different threads by transforming them into easy-to-read text format and adjusting the tweets together into a single page.

The other new features found in Twitter Blue are purely aesthetic, such as new options for color themes and the ability to replace the famous Twitter app icon.

Subscribers to Twitter Blue can also use the dedicated customer support designed especially for the new paid service users. This also allows the company to increase the timeframe for resolving subscription service issues. However, reports of abuse or harassment are not expedited but will go through the usual channels and processes that are already in place.

Twitter states that the reason behind launching Twitter Blue in Canada and Australia was to get a deeper understanding of the things that can help improve the Twitter experience, especially with a more customized, expressive, and innovative design. However, the company did not share any specifics of when they might start offering Twitter Blue laid services in other regions.

Industrial experts see the move by Twitter to launch a paid subscription service to revitalize the company’s business model, which the company has been considering for several years. Earlier, Twitter mainly relied on advertising for revenue which makes for 86% of its total revenue. However, increasing competition from rivals, such as Facebook and Snapchat, and growing pressure from investors, prompted the company to search for new sources of revenue.

Earlier this May, the company began testing the Tip Jar service, letting users send a one-time payment to their favorite Twitter accounts. Besides, the Super Follows feature, which was launched in February 2021, is designed to allow users to charge followers for bonus tweets, newsletters, and community groups.

This new service is also being seen as part of the company’s aim to accelerate launching new products. Twitter has set a goal to reach 315 million monetizable daily active users before 2024. The company also plans to double its annual revenue from the present US$ 7.5 billion by the end of 2023. Industry experts consider this a smart move by the social media platform.

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