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New Focus mode of Zoom Could Help People to Avoid Distraction

Zoom announced its new Focus mode, which is meant to avoid any distractions in the virtual classroom. But the mode allows teachers to keep an eye on everyone. When the mode is activated, it will make the host view everyone’s webcam, but the participants of the meeting will not be able to view other’s screen share or video. It offers certain control that is found in Webinar mode but without complexity and insufficient flexibility. With the feature, a teacher turns on the new feature during the presentation and then turns it off during the class discussion time. While hosting a Webinar costs a lot of money, Focus mode provides the facility to free accounts based on testing.

An amazing feature for teachers and students

The feature emerges as one of the new school years approaches in several districts and also as the Covid-19 threat remains serious. It appears likely that the virtual meeting classrooms will be there for some more time. So, it is better, that Zoom is adding features, which can improve tele-education more and more. While focus mode is going to put the video or screen share of the teacher in front of students, it will not be just the only thing present on their screens. Participants can still view their own video and any screen share or video that is highlighted by the host of the meeting. The participants will also be able to view the names of all other participants and all emoji reactions too.

Moreover, the Focus mode feature appears like a nice way to help students avoid distractions from one another during the class. It could also help people outside of the learning environment, like company presentations where managers face trouble that employees do not pay attention to. The Focus mode article of Zoom says that it can be locked on or enabled for accounts, individual users, or groups. Users can turn the mode on or off during the call as they want to. Instead of being forced to select at the beginning of the call, one can slip the switch as well as turn it on between the meeting’s parts that need absolute focus.

For using the mode, users will require enabling it on the account. One can go to the Account management and then Account Settings. After that, users can tap on the Meeting tab and proceed to In meeting. Users can then find the Focus Mode toggle there, which they can disable or enable as they desire.

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