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JBS Cyber attack affects Greeley Plant Workers

The largest meat-processing company in the world, JBS, suffered a major cyberattack last weekend, jeopardizing operations and leading to the cancellation of shifts. Presently, all the nine beef plants of the company are shut down in the US, as operations have been affected this week. This was a ransomware attack, where the attackers targeted a computer network. They asked for a ransom, threatening to delete files and disrupt operations. This has affected the workers of JBS across the nations, including the ones working at the Greeley plant. After Tuesday, they experienced two canceled shifts.

The Greeley Tribune reveals that Australian and North American plants suffered an organized attack on their cyber systems on Sunday. This resulted in a global disruption of their information systems. JBS USA acknowledged on May 30 that a major cyberattack targeted it. This affected its servers across Australia and North America, affecting operations. The company also stated that it would take time to resolve the incident. As a result, certain transactions with suppliers and customers would get delayed.

In the US, Greeley JBS happens to be the largest beef processing plant. Therefore, the cancellation of shifts on Tuesday has already affected more than 2,900 workers here. A spokesperson of the company also confirmed that a shift would not be working even on June 2. Following the incident, the company’s authorities stated that the cyberattack targeted people working to provide food for the nation. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the people behind the attack. Besides, the authorities also stressed the necessity to monitor the situation and offer assistance to the workers.

Presently, there has been no confirmation about who might have carried out the attack. However, the company stated that it was already working with the respective authorities to quickly restore operations by putting things in place. One of the threat analysts said that cybercriminals often target companies such as JBS. The reason is, such plants play an essential role, considering the country’s food supply chain. Therefore, cybercriminals expect a speedy payout of the ransom on targeting these companies. It would be important to note that presently JBS accounts for as much a 23% of the beef produced in the US. In the second position comesTyson Foods.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise in different parts of the world. Given that the attackers give a time limitation before they inflict heavy damage to the information systems or files, they look out for victims who would pay off quickly. Otherwise, it would disrupt the food supply in the country.It should be noted that this particular cyberattack comes just after operations were shut down at Colonial Pipeline, the prime fuel pipeline in the US. This suspension in operations lasted for around a week. The company had to shell out $4.4 million to the attackers before they could resume operations.

In the case of JBS, it remains to be seen when operations resume correctly. But, of course, the cancellation of two shifts has already inflicted substantial damages to the company’s productivity.


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