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How to become a Google Cloud Partner

Vietnam’s CMC Telecom became Google’s first officially recognized Sell Premier Partner in May 2021. This is a truly incredible achievement as CMC Telecom became the first Vietnamese telecom company to be certified as Google’s Premier Partner from around the world. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers three levels of collaboration to business – Member, Partner, and Premier. To upgrade to the next level, CMC Telecom will be required to achieve at least 20 certificates and undergo direct training and testing by Google in various fields, including sales, sales consulting, and tech support.

Let’s take a closer look at how collaborating through Google Cloud Partner can boost your business.

Advantages of Being a Google Cloud Partner

The Google Cloud Partner initiative is a four-pronged approach that Google offers to help boost sales and profit.

These are the four factors that are critical in boosting your business through collaboration with Google by GCP:

  • Innovativeness

The Google Cloud Partner platform is highly flexible and offers the partners the liberty to engage and innovate with Google’s world-class cloud technology. This is an incredibly effective way to meet the growing business needs of consumers and drive your business forward at a steady pace.


The GCP program is designed after Google’s collaboration-centric approach to business. This program opens a two-way dialogue between Google Cloud and its partners, which helps to create the best customer solutions.


Google Partner business plan focuses heavily on the end-consumer. Google aims to help businesses grow by providing solutions that drive sales up in a dynamic marketplace.


Google launched a new, easy-to-use partner portal to provide access to a vast repository of information and a huge collection of training programs and tools that are essential for making partnerships effective in the simplest way possible.

Benefits of Google Cloud Partner

Now that you know how the Google Cloud Partner program works let’s take a closer look at some of the unique benefits you get by acquiring the three levels of collaboration.

Member Level Benefits

As a Member Level collaborator with Google Cloud Partner, you are eligible for:

  • Access to Partner Advantage portal is filled with tools and resources to begin learning more about Google Cloud technology.
  • Customized Qwiklabs-powered lab environments to help train in using cloud services without live production environment.
  • Access to on-demand technical training courses to earn additional credentials.
  • Using Partner Advantage Live webinar sessions to learn about new opportunities and program updates.

Partner Level Benefits

Once you reach the second level of collaboration, Google will provide you with:

  • Access to marketing campaigns, sales scripts, support sources and training with Partner Advantage portal.
  • Assistance to promote business in Google’s Partner Directory, Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.
  • Financial incentive.
  • Access to Partner Advisor tool to help manage business better.
  • Use of Google Cloud Partner Advantage badge.

Premier Level Benefits

Some of the top benefits you earn when you reach the top collaboration level with Google include:

  • Getting considered for Partner Marketing Funds and similar financial incentives.
  • Achieving Partner Advisor position.
  • Access to exclusive training and events.
  • Co-marketing opportunities with Google.
  • Using Google Cloud Partner Advantage badge.


The intense competition in the industry can be effective combated by collaborating with the biggest tech giant in the world. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and want to boost your business globally, we highly recommend becoming a Google Cloud Partner.

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