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Facebook Tests Twitter-like Threads to Publish a Series of Posts

Facebook is spotted testing a new feature that will provide users on Facebook the ability to create a new post with connection to a previous post on a related subject. This will be largely helpful for the public figures as the features tie all the posts together and make them visually more appealing. The fans can more easily follow any updates over time by seeing the thread of posts. When the new posts appear on the News Feeds of followers, other posts in a thread connected to it will also be shown.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, first found out the feature in action and has also shared many screenshots of the way it appears. Facebook also confirmed about testing the feature with few public figures on Facebook. The public figures are those who have a specific Facebook Page category and are generally high-profile individuals having a public presence on Facebook.

Facebook has explained that these threaded posts will include a View Post Thread button. The button will allow followers to easily navigate and view all of the posts included in a thread. When users tap on the button, they will be shown the area where they can view all threaded posts together in one place. However, Facebook did not confirm when the test would roll out to more people or other public figures on Facebook. It was also unable to confirm if it would expand to several other Page categories like Facebook Groups or Businesses in the upcoming times.

Threads Character Limit

Threads are highly useful on platforms like Twitter, where the character limit is less and makes it harder for long conversations or posts. But on Facebook, the posts have a character limit up to 63,206 characters which are as long as 225 tweets. Instead of inspiring longer posts, the platform Facebook’s threads can be useful for posting live commentary on different events. The users could also post updates to the existing posts in a single thread rather than making a new one each time. However, now Facebook is just testing the feature with public figures. So, it is perhaps intended to make news sharing extra streamlined.

There is no doubt that Facebook has already dealt with few misinformation issues in the past. Therefore, government officials and journalists can utilize the threads to provide useful context and share information about news events.

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