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Russia Warns It Will Bomb British Naval Ships Next Time

On June 24, Russia gave a stern warning to Britain that it would bomb all the British naval vessels present in the Black Sea if they took any provocative actions further. Russia will not stop if its territory is tried to be breached again. The British ambassador in Moscow was summoned by Russia for a diplomatic scolding as the warship breached the territorial waters near Crimea but which Britain says belongs to Ukraine.

As per Britain, Russia gave an inaccurate account of the incident that occurred. No bombs or warning shots had been dropped in the route of Royal Navy destroyer Defender. Russia said the HMS Defender of the UK entered three kilometres inside the territory of Crimea, which Russia claims as its own. A country’s territorial waters are up to 12 nautical miles from its coastline, and any warship passing through it will require the permissions of the nation to do so. Russia had annexed Crimea from Ukraine in a military intervention in 2014. However, the international community opposes this annexation and considers Crimea as a part of Ukrainian territory.

In Moscow, Ambassador Deborah Bronnert was summoned by Russia and reprimanded the dangerous actions of Britain in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, Maria Zakharova, the foreign ministry, accused the UK of barefaced lies. Sergei Ryabkov, the Deputy Foreign Minister, told news agencies that they could appeal to common sense and demand for respecting the international law. If this thing does not work, they will bomb the warships of Britain.

Conflicting Accounts

According to the witnesses, the Russian naval vessels and warplanes were buzzing the HMS defender during the flare-up on June 23, immediately after the Britain ship entered the territorial boundary. The Russian Defence Ministry said that a jet had dropped bombs, and the coastal ship for patrolling fired warning shots in front of the destroyer. But the British officials clearly declined the allegations.

HMS Defender arrives at the Odessa port in southern Ukraine. The Defence Ministry of the UK has earlier denied the accusations of Moscow by saying that the ship was making an innocent and legal passage. Under international law, innocent passage permits a naval vessel to pass through the territory of another state as long as it is not harming the security. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that they have the right to use the Ukrainian waters. British defence minister accused Russian pilots of unsafe aircraft manoeuvres above the warship.

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