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Biden’s cold response to the collapse of Afghanistan will have extensive consequences

After US President Joe Biden chose to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan by September, many believed that the consequence would be a disaster for the 38 million people of the country, especially for the women, said a Washington Post op-ed. The op-ed piece also said that the Taliban forces had captured several districts surrounding many provincial capitals. The Taliban are also blocking major roads into Kabul.

The Washington Post further said that it should at least be a concern for Biden, who chose to withdraw from the US mission rather than fixing it. The President should be reconsidering his withdrawal order when the Afghan government and army that the US help to build is crumbling. Instead, Biden has been cold to the plight of the country. As per the Wall Street Journal, Joe Biden decided to slow down the withdrawal from the US main airbase in Afghanistan. Some officials also favored the decision.

Afghanistan has to decide its own future

The US president met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and declared that Afghans have to decide their own future. If the current trends continue, then the future will be bleak. As the US air support and advisers are not available, Afghan army units are getting wiped out by the Taliban forces. Some are even surrendering without a fight. To overcome the situation, the government has also invited the local militias to remobilize. Even with this support, the Afghan government may not be able to combat it.

According to a US intelligence community assessment, the Afghanistan government could fall within 12 months of the departure of US forces. If such a scenario happens, Afghans will not be the only ones who will be at risk. As per a study commissioned by Congress and the intelligence community, Al Qaeda could re-establish in Afghanistan. A large number of refugees will pour out, and it will destabilize neighbors like Pakistan and the borders of Europe.

Biden ordered up plans for the evacuation of Afghans working for the US. The Washington Post said that the US should support Afghan army units through airpower even after the withdrawal. An agreement must be made with Turkey to use its troop to keep Kabul airport open. Joe Biden has been a skeptic of the US mission, and his view has been that fighting against the Taliban is unnecessary as well as unwinnable. However, the consequences will be far-fetching and critical.

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