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Biden Sets August 31 for US War in Afghanistan to End

On July 8, President Joe Biden defended the US forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan even when the country has an immense risk of going into a civil war. Mr. Biden said that the military mission of the US would conclude on August 31, which is earlier than what was initially announced. He added in the speech at the White House that they did not go to Afghanistan for nation-building. It is the responsibility and right of Afghanistan people to decide their own future and the way they want to run their nation.

Mr. Biden said that the withdrawal is proceeding in an orderly and secure way, and he also got the advice from military commanders to move swiftly as the process begins. He committed the swift evacuation of numerous Afghan translators along with their families who worked with the US. The evacuation is done saying that the special immigrant visas’ processing had been accelerated for too long. Joe Biden also said that the US would continue to offer any humanitarian and civilian assistance, including vocalizing for women’s rights.

The US President has acknowledged that the continuation of the presence of the US military in Afghanistan would not change the country’s course. He stressed that the Afghan government now has to chart its path. Mr. Biden argued that the US had completed its initial target of removing al Qaeda and killed Osama bin Laden. As per him, there was no proper justification for still keeping the military forces there.

He said that the 20 years of experience and the present security situation shows that one more year of fighting would not be the solution. He further added that Afghans need to make the decision of their country’s future.

Biden Faces Criticism

The Taliban has constantly been making territorial gains in Afghanistan in recent times and coming closer to the capital Kabul. Mr. Biden has earlier said that the US would leave Afghanistan by September 11. A majority of the US forces have already left the country, and this disappointed the Afghan troops. The Afghan troops accused the US, saying that they were surprised to know about the departure of American troops in recent days. The US President is facing criticism from the Republicans as intense fighting has been started between Afghan security forces and the Taliban amid the US troops’ rapid exit.

When the reporters asked questions to the US President about the Taliban, he gave a sharp response. Upon asking whether he trusted the Taliban, the President responded, saying that it is not a serious question and he does not trust the Taliban but trust the potential of Afghan troops. He said that Afghan troops are well trained, more competent, and better equipped for conducting a war.

Donald Trump said that he would have already withdrawn the US troops by May 1. Biden responded that the timeline given was too hasty. The Department of Defense stated that it has already withdrawn 90 percent of the operation and handed over the facilities to the Afghan Defense ministry.

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