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Attacking Ellie Kemper: What you should be knowing

If you are aware of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt outrage, it indicates that we are still thriving in an ancient Salem of 1692. Well, it is just a gifted actress, Ellie Kemper, who is not guilty of anything at all. However, people on social media have been accusing her of apparently attending a debutante ball. The glitch is that she is still a teen, and some hypocrites believe she is still too young. Some of the reputed publications also attacked her severely following this incident. One of these publications also called her ‘Beauty Queen of a Racist Ball. Such were the headlines of the Daily Beast, which is the online version of one of the reputed journals, Weekly World News.

The Daily Mail reported that Ellie Kemper faced backlash after the resurfacing of racist pageant photos. Besides, the Daily News accused her of attending the debutante ball while this history was racist indeed. However, in the subhead, the Daily Beast story dissolved the incident in its juices. The star of the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ was projected as a teen in 1999, being the Queen of the Veiled Prophet Ball. Although a Confederate soldier founded it, the ties are apparently with the KKK at best. So it has come a long way down from the headline mentioning ‘racist’ to ‘tenuous at best’ following the area. Besides, it debunked itself as the story proceeded.

Now, the problem lies with the fact that it is not logical that sound debunking would stick to people’s minds. Besides, the word ‘tenuous’ also appears to be strong enough to amplify the link that does not exist between KKK and Kemper.

If you are unaware, you must know that the Veiled Prophet ball happens to be an old tradition of St. Louis. It was founded by an ex-Confederate in 1878. However, it does not have any association with the Klan. At the first ball, the hooted costume that was worn resembled the outfit that the Klansmen had adopted more than two decades later. Besides, Klansmen of the first generation didn’t even have a uniform. The VP ball is essentially a party where the moneyed people are known to celebrate themselves. The place is doled up with trivial details that make it mystical enough. People who live in St. Louis would also be bored. The VP ball gradually turned out to be a Fourth of July party as the eccentric elements were dropped off.

These stories of Ellie Kemper started circulating on social media after someone on Twitter contrived a non-existent association between Klan and Kemper over an image. This was the one where she was being crowed in the 1999 ball as Prophet Queen. At that time, she was just 19. One of the users wrote that Ellie Kemper was crowned in a KKK beauty pageant that looked legitimate.


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