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World Bicycle Day: Why is it celebrated?

While the bicycle has been there around for centuries now, dedicating a day to celebrate bicycle rides has been a recent development. World Bicycle Day is rejoiced on June 3rd, and World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged the date. The organization states that cycling and walking serve as a pathway for strengthening the health condition. In addition to being a clean means of transportation, bicycles also foster a sustainable environment. Besides, people who belong to the lower-income groups in urban areas also use these machines as a transportation mode. Since it is a healthy habit, cycling significantly mitigates the risk of stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Most importantly, cycling is cost-effective and beneficial. Therefore, we have decided to celebrate the day to recognize numerous cycling benefits and their sustainable nature.



Celebrating World Bicycle Day is all about acknowledging the versatility, longevity, and uniqueness of the bicycle. For over two centuries, it has served as a reliable, affordable, simple, environment-friendly, and clean mode of transportation. For nurturing better health and environmental stewardship, WHO’s General Assembly has made this decision, declaring June 3rd to be World Bicycle Day.

Why would people celebrate the bicycle?

As you know, one can derive significant health benefits from physical activities involving moderate intensity. This might include different sports, walking, and of course, cycling. People from various age groups can indulge themselves in cycling. Using cycles as the mode of transportation also minimizes the chances of getting involved in serious accidents. Cycling serves as an effective way to maintain the desired activity level.

Moreover, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and people have been rethinking different modes of transport. As a result, cycles have become an effective transit mode, which is also clean and supports environmental interests. Besides, there has always been a connection between developing a sustainable environment and cycling.

World Bicycle Day and sustainable development

WHO wants people worldwide to celebrate World Bicycle Day to draw attention to the many benefits of using this machine. This would also prompt more people worldwide to use cycles. As an environmentally sustainable option, the bicycle goes a long way. It would help in maintaining clean environments while mitigating congestion. In many countries like Denmark, bicycles are already a part of sustainable transport systems. More than 90% of the people in Denmark own bicycles. The sale of these machines would also strengthen the stand against climate change while reducing inequalities and leveraging economic growth. Altogether, this would take the world closer to its sustainable development goals.

The tradition of riding bicycles

Regardless of the demographics, riding bicycles have been a tradition. As children, we all have memories of riding bicycles in our neighborhoods. Besides, people experience different rides, including mountain biking, basic two-wheelers, training wheels, etc. The special day to celebrate bicycles brings you the opportunity to think about the versatility of the machine. As the world inches closer to sustainable development, WHO’s decision further strengthens its stance to a cleaner environment.

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