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Vaccinate the whole world by end 2022: UK PM at G7 summit

It has been more than a year since the COVID 19 pandemic started. Since then, countries have fought the pandemic at different levels. Now that we are clear that the pandemic is here to stay, with waves of virus infection in the offing, vaccination seems like the most feasible way of combat. Lucky for the global population, developed and developing countries have been developing COVID 19 vaccines for some time now. As a result, the global population has adapted to the virus; however, with the virus mutating, rapid COVID 19 vaccination is the only safe way of eradicating the lethal COVID 19 virus.

In the ongoing G7 summit, world leaders have gathered to discuss the most plaguing matters of the globe. So naturally, no topic of discussion gathers the global powers better than combatting COVID 19 crisis. In this matter, the United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has urged fellow leaders to commit to vaccinating the world by the end of 2022. The UK PM’s urgent request regarding mass vaccination makes sense when we see the number of lives lost to COVID 19 worldwide.

Tackling the COVID 19 pandemic is the most crucial topic of discussion in a summit that is the first one since the pandemic’s initiation. The UK is the presiding country of this year’s summit. Moreover, the government has also introduced vaccine support and supply, climate change mitigation, and education access for children as discussion themes.

Boris Johnson has said that vaccinating the global population will be the most remarkable medical feat for the worldwide community by the end of next year. The COVID 19 pandemic is still a very present threat, and complete vaccination will stop the initial devastation from taking place again. The prime minister has also emphasized vaccinating the poorest and most vulnerable population groups. Vaccination will only stop virus spread when every global citizen is protected and resistant to the virus. The countries cannot rule out the poorest people in the world. The central point of discussion is about vaccine disparity. The prime minister will also be talking about how to make vaccines available widely around the world. The prime minister will be requesting countries with vaccine development facilities to ramp up the production of vaccines.

Since all the major developing and developed countries will be joining the G7 summit soon, a discussion on global vaccination and COVID 19 eradication is essential to hold. In addition, other countries like India, Japan, the USA, and EU countries will also join the G7 summit to discuss subjects of global importance.

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