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Special report on WHO investigation and Russian hackers

There have been several opinions and conspiracy theories revolving around the pandemic. One of the most prominent theories proposes that Covid-19 has been engineered as a biological weapon at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. However, other experts come up with different opinions. Another theory suggests that the NIH was complicit in the generation of the virus. Other opinion leaders cannot rule out the chances of a laboratory leak too.

Lately, various officials from the US have expressed their views regarding the origin of the dangerous virus. They uphold the idea of the possible leakage of the virus from the lab. However, this is not an official statement. Altogether, there has been a mixed bag of opinions, and it will be difficult to ascertain the exact fact that led to the spread of the virus.

The ‘Post,’ one of the leading journals, also published a correction in their stories. Besides, the media should bear some responsibility to investigate and look back at what went wrong. In the US, they initiated the intelligence review for 90 days to determine the facts leading to the pandemic. However, one of the significant issues in the country is that people do not tend to trust institutions. So if there’s some credible answer to the truth, people need to discuss the same during meetings and conferences.

Again, a lot of misinformation is spreading across social media regarding the source of the pandemic. Some of the stories regarding the same had appeared on Facebook in the early months of 2020. However, those stories were later removed by the authorities after fact-checks. Presently, there are other stories that raise questions about the role of the Chinese military. They had been using the same laboratory to carry out specific experiments.

Experts have also observed that some media and political bodies have strived to cover up China. These actors have also put in substantial efforts to remove the theories revolving around the Wuhan lab. The forces will eventually try to divert the issue to other aspects, like the election and Donald Trump. These theorists will not consider the dangerous way in which the Wuhan laboratories were dealing with the virus.

Some of the experts also state that it will not be a partisan act to get the vaccine. It was under the Republican and Democratic administrations that the science was formulated. The fact is, the first vaccines were authenticated under a president from the Republican party in the US. However, they were then developed and deployed by a president from the Democratic party.

Well, there has already been a lot of talk regarding the source of the virus. Also, with the vaccines coming up, people are voicing their opinions regarding who developed them. In the end, it is essential to study the impact of these vaccines and eliminate the pandemic at the earliest. Till then, various conspiracy theories will continue to pour in.

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