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Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister to Push for World Vaccination by The End of 2022

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson called for G-7 leaders to make a commitment to vaccinating the whole world against COVID-19 towards the end of 2022 at the summit of Leaders in Cornwall. The prime minister will host the first in-person summit after almost two years with the G-7 leaders due to the outbreak of the pandemic. In the meeting, there will be discussions about the supply of vaccines and support for equitable access, getting more children into schools, and handling climatic changes. Johnson said that he would seek a pledge to fulfil the global vaccination goal.

Making everyone Vaccinated by the end of next year will be the greatest victory in medical history, stated the prime minister. He asked the G-7 leaders to combinedly fight against the dreadful coronavirus pandemic. Janet Yellen, US treasury secretary in London, said that it is urgent for the rich and prosperous nations to promote vaccination in poorer countries where people cannot afford it. She also added the US position that has patent rights should be eliminated for the vaccines, and they were doing everything possible to address supply chain issues. These problems were restricting the build-up of shots in several other parts of the world.

More than 500 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been ordered by Britain. These doses were ordered for the population of 67 billion and have been said to donate all the shots it does not require.

Self Interest of the Nations

There has been an amplified frustration among the campaigners as the UK has not specified the number of vaccine doses it will pledge. However, the prime minister is expected to address this at the summit. The peers and MPs wrote to Mr. Johnson and urged him to follow the G-7 countries like Italy, France, and Germany, who are committed to donating a minimum of 100 million doses prior to the end of the year. Till now, UK has only pledged to provide excessive dosage to the International COVAX scheme. This distribution will jab the low and middle-income nations.

Mr. Hancock has said that the UK did not have any excess or spare vaccine doses at the moment. Former prime minister Tony Blair expressed that the government will always remain obliged to look after their own people and will try to prioritize giving vaccines to their own country first.

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