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Biological E Vaccine: A Brief Overview

Biological  E Vaccine is one of the oldest private Indian vaccine manufacturing companies. In lieu of the deadly Covid-19 virus, Biological E is emerging as one of the biggest companies heading vaccine production. India has been rendered helpless and a wasteland, with countless people dying every day. Under such dire circumstances, the need for a cure is essential for the country to get back on its feet. Unfortunately, the unplanned, disorganized, and incompetent handling of the vaccines has only added to the problem and caused people to suffer more. A significant part of the population is left unvaccinated, and the barely 4-5% who have been vaccinated have not completed their entire vaccination course.

The poor handling of vaccination distribution and miscalculation has resulted in several vaccination centers being shut down. Another haste decision that followed the criticism of mismanagement of vaccines is the unapproved order of about 300 million vaccines signed by the government with Biological E Vaccine.

While different countries face a desperate situation that calls for urgency, Biological E Vaccine is doing the same. As they are now conducting the third phase of their vaccination trials, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare suggests that the company provide at least 30 crore doses of its vaccine later in August and December this year. The Biological E Vaccine is developed by implementing a protein antigen called the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which adsorbed to the Alhydrogel (Alum) and CpG 1018, both of which are adjuvants.

Using recombinant protein technology proven to be effective is a safe agent that can quickly respond in developing immunity in cells. The trials were conducted on 360 healthy subjects between the age group of 18 to 65 years. This vaccine is also meant to be the most affordable vaccine in the country. Apart from launching their vaccine, Biological E Vaccine is also set to launch about 600 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a single-shot vaccine.

However, it cannot be ignored that the wait seems long while several lives are on the line, and another fraction of the country keeps losing their lives every day. With an overburdened healthcare system that is no longer able to carry the people’s weight and provide proper treatment, coupled with the inefficiency of the government in making the right decisions and carrying out a systematic, well-organized vaccine drive, the people of India are in shambles. Under these crucial circumstances, Biological E Vaccine is running against time to prepare its vaccine and roll it out in the market. However, with multiple other vaccines also being ready to roll out and brought into the market, there looks to be a ray of hope, though distant, to combat the dangerous effects of the coronavirus. Biological E Vaccine is playing a leading role in this fight against the lethal virus.

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