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Antibody type and timing determine the immunity

Tens of millions have completed the vaccine for the coronavirus, and they are still wondering about whether it is enough to keep them safe. For a majority of people, the answer is yes and but to get a reliable answer, and people need to get a specific test at the right time.

There are many tests available that can show you how many antibodies you have in your body. But the scientists are not suggesting people who have taken vaccine not do antibody testing, and it is unnecessary. In the clinical trials, the vaccine has developed strong antibodies in all participants.

Who needs the anybody test?

People with a very low immune system who take certain medications can go for an antibody test. Millions are people with organ transplants and blood cancer take drugs that can lower the immune power of the body. According to research, these people do not produce enough antibodies after taking the vaccine. So if these people want to know about their antibodies levels, then the right type of test can help them.

According to Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at Yale, all people should not go through the test unless they have a clear understanding of what the test doing. People might get the wrong idea after the test.

In the early pandemic, many tests were trying to search for antibodies to a coronavirus protein. But this protein was not powerful enough to prevent the coronavirus infection, and it can’t last long. Most importantly, the United States is not allowing to use of a vaccine that has this protein.

In May, the food and drug administration suggested antibody test for test immunity, but many scientists have criticized this decision. There are many tests that are available only for yes or no result, and they may miss showing low levels of antibodies.  A particular test may only show the antibodies levels in the body.

It is important to wait for at least two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine, as the antibodies levels rise in this period of time. World health organization allowed to compare different antibody test  In November.

For someone who has taken vaccine but still has low immunity, it will be helpful to know that they don’t have protection against the coronavirus. For example, a transplant patient with a low level of antibodies can convince the employer that he/ she should work remotely.

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