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Kim Jong-un of North Korea Prepares for Confrontations With the US

The supreme leader Marshal of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, said that his country needs to prepare for dialogue as well as confrontation with the US. He said his country especially has to get fully prepared for confrontation. Mr. Kim, for the first time, commented on the administration of President Joe Biden. The new US government efforts for the establishment of diplomatic communication were snubbed by North Korea earlier. The United States for many years has been calling for North Korea to quit its nuclear weapons. However, Pyongyang has constantly refused, and the UN Security Council has imposed stringent economic sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear tests.

Kim Jong-un has made his recent remarks in senior leaders meeting which began in June in the capital Pyongyang. He said they require to get completely prepared for the confrontation to protect the dignity of their state and the state’s interest in independent development. As per the state media outlet KCNA, they need to prepare for confrontation to guarantee a peaceful environment and the security of North Korea. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, also told the country would sharply react to any developments and will make efforts to take stable control of the Korean Peninsula’s situation.

His latest comments came days after he acknowledged that the country was facing concerns over severe food shortages. The leaders from the G7 nations called North Korea to give up its nuclear as well as missile programme and resume dialogue.

A Distressed Relationship

The relationship of Kim Jong-un with the administration of Mr. Biden has been fraught with tension so far. Before the US election, Biden called Mr. Kim, a thug and prior to the inauguration of Mr. Biden, North Korea did a show of force with a huge military parade that exhibited a new missile. Joe Biden, in April 2021, stated North Korea as a severe threat to global security. The US has recently completed the North Korea Policy review and told the US would continue to target for the complete denuclearisation of North Korea.

Joe Biden has promised an approach characterized by diplomacy and stern deterrence. Jen Psaki, the White House Secretary, said that their policy would not emphasize on grand bargain nor on strategic patience. It would instead pursue a practical approach that will explore diplomacy with North Korea and will focus on making eventual progress.


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