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MITI is the new platform for submitting request letters for businesses to operate

Due to the strict lockdown phase from June 1 to June 14, many businesses and companies had to pull the shutters down in their physical locations. That’s why they have tried to reach the government officials, seeking permission to operate seamlessly during the lockdown period. However, since hundreds of businesses were accessing different official sites of the ministries, these government websites suffered from massive server downtime, raising concern and frustration in the businesses and companies.

To solve this problem, the National Security Council launched a new plan according to which businesses can submit a letter asking for permission to work normally during the lockdown period to MITI. MITI or Ministry of International Trades and Industries is a one-stop solution where businesses can submit the request rather than contemplate the ministry department they need to approach or face downtime.

After submitting the letter, MITI will coordinate with the corresponding ministry department and issue back an approval letter agreeing that the businesses and companies can normally work during the lockdown period. If anyone needs to submit work-related requests for travel, they should be forwarded to the CIMS 3.0 application (Covid-19 Intelligent Management System). This platform is managed by MITI while monitored by all the ministry departments responsible for handling 17 different sectors of the business industries.

According to Datuk Azmin Ali, the Senior Miniter, MITI can issue approval letters to the business, allowing them to operate normally even during the state is under lockdown. The best thing about launching MITI was the fast-paced approval of the operation requests, which has further released the pressure from different ministries.

According to an estimate, the introduction of MITI and its approval system has impacted approximately 1.6 billion employees belonging to both the private and public sectors. Even though about 40% of the total industrial workforce is working from home as per the orders of NSC, MITI will reduce the chaos faced by businesses during the lockdown period.

The approval process conducted by MITI will vary according to the type of request submitted online. For example, if a company is registered under the essential industry, approval will be given immediately without involving the concerned ministry. However, if a company is submitting a new registration to get approval, a decision will be made based on the documents submitted to MITI. For example, in one of the press conferences, Norazman said that every manufacturing company submitting the request letter for operating during the lockdown must also submit their industry license.

Not all businesses and companies submitting the request letter will be granted approval. Upon the evaluation of the documents and discussion with the related ministry department, MITI is allowed to either accept or reject the letter. The business will be notified of the decision, and NSC has not given power to the companies to fight against the decisions made by MITI.

To avoid legal and judicial complications, you must study the guidelines mentioned by NSC about the essential sectors which can operate during the lockdown. After this, submit the request application along with the asked documents and wait for approval.

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