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Johnson & Johnson Appeal for Damages Over Ovarian Cancer Claims Rejected by US Supreme Court

The American higher courts have rejected to hear the plea of the multinational Johnson & Johnson’s 2.12 Billion USD damages against women whom they alleged for damaging their images in the market. The women have claimed that by using their talc products and baby powder, they experienced issues like ovarian cancer. The company appealed in the Missouri court, slapping the said case against 22 women who were together heard in a single trial. The previous year, the Missouri Court of Appeals ruled against the company’s compensatory damages. The court had reduced it to 2.12 Billion USD from the whopping 4.69 B USD as decided by the judges. As per the court’s statement, the company will be paying 2.5 Billion USD, including the interest, since the two parties’ legal issues have remained unresolved and will be prosecuted. The court earlier indicated that they have around 19K similar claims to be addressed.


However, these issues presented before the court are more linked to legal aspects and not safety elements. On the other side, the company has claimed that their products, particularly the baby powder and talc powder, are safe as these do not carry any elements like asbestos. Hence it gives no chance to cause ailments like cancer. The company’s shares seemed to be getting hampered by going down 1.2 percent at $167.23. The company had argued on the decision given by the Missouri Court when the judge talked about its baby powder, stating that the jury has offended the due process rights of the company as per the US Constitution. The company also argued that the damage award announced by the jury has also violated the due process rights.


In November 2020, the Missouri Supreme Court, which represents the state’s highest court, refused to hear the company’s plea when they made an appeal that further prompted them to appeal again in the higher courts – the Supreme Court. Mark Lanier, one of the lawyers for the Plaintiffs, called this move the victory of the women and their families. He called the case a matter of privilege to represent the women he called terrific souls. The company has been facing countless lawsuits that state that they have been using asbestos in their products, particularly the talc powder, which further leads to issues like cancer.


The talc the companies produce is of similar structure to asbestos, which causes fatal ailments like cancer. At times, these are gained from the same mines claims the women. However, the companies in the cosmetic industry agreed in 1976 that they would not use any amount of asbestos. Mark Lanier who is among the leading lawyers have applauded the court’s rejection of the company’s appeal. He said the decision from the court is loud and clear to the powerful and rich people. He added saying that everyone is equal under law, hence anything grievous harm is likely to make them accountable. Therefore the decision coming from the court is applauded by everyone in the consumer community.

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