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All You Need To Know About the New Ford Maverick In Town

The wait is finally over! Ford launches a brand new hybrid pickup truck with a compact build. Introducing 2022 Maverick to the international market; a pickup smaller than its F-150 full size and even its mid-size truck Ranger.  Maverick is expected to go on sale towards the end of this year.

The decision to expand its pickup franchise came after the increasing popularity of trucks combined with the rising prices. With trucks getting heavier on the pocket, Ford has decided to bring relief to the buyers with its cheap and compact Maverick. It is estimated to cost around INR 15, 00,000 when it reaches the market, disrupting the trend of pickup trucks getting expensive by the second.

It has been reported that the much-awaited Maverick will be a substitute for those who prefer a cheaper version of the recent Hyundai Santa Cruz. Reports also suggest that the production will happen at the company’s plant in Mexico, producing its Bronco Sport. Rumour has it that the production started and has been running since last February.

The news has been declared finally by the company following months of speculation about the all-new pickup. Before its existence and name were confirmed by Ford, Maverick was referred to as a ‘new unnamed white space product’ at the first investor day in 2015. However, prototypes of the vehicle have been spotted since 2020.

Although the intricate details are disclosed, the company spokesperson has confirmed its release by the end of this year. A YouTube ad of the pickup posted by Ford also revealed a hybrid badge on its tailgate, suggesting that this could be a great combination of gasoline engines and electric motors. In addition, fans are expecting it to have the body of a crew cab.

We are told that the brand new compact pickup will have a unibody construction rather than a body-on-frame architecture and an independent rear suspension. Images also suggest that it has a transverse-engine construction integrated with crossover models like Escape and Bronco Sport. As a result, the interior cabins are likely to resemble that of these crossover models as well.

Other possible features include an offset rear license plate and black front fender garnish. The brand new Maverick sports a pair of Ranger-like lights as well. It is mostly like to have a 2 liter and four-cylinder engine along with a horsepower of 162.

Loyal Ford followers would already know that this is not the first time the company has named its automobile Maverick. In fact, across the continents, several of their products have been named Maverick since 1969.

The Ford Maverick is all set to make its debut starring popular television actress Gabrielle Union on June 8th, which will be broadcast worldwide. You can watch it live on any Ford social media handles at 6 a.m. E.T.  Stay tuned for new updates about the pickup at the unveiling.

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